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Our attractive, low-priced pool enclosures bring Sarasota homeowners and business owners great pleasure and add market value to their properties. We are a reputable design and manufacturing company, All American Shutters & Glass, in business since 1996. We go the extra mile to facilitate customers who need guidance on the type of pool enclosure that they should be purchasing for private residences and businesses. Remember, that when you get a pool enclosure from us, you are getting one made of exclusively Grade-A materials and solid, trusted parts.

There is absolutely no doubt, that we are a reliable source, for any type of commercial or residential pool screening project. The current design of your home, its decor and the circumstances of the adjoining swimming pool or annexed pool area, will not present unsurmountable challenges for our workers, here at All American Shutters & Glass. Our workers are highly experienced with all aspects of the building, installation, repair and maintenance of pool enclosures in Sarasota and further afield, as well. Rest assured- our workers will serve you exceptionally well. Meet with us, today, in FREE pool enclosure consultation!

Clearly, any type of pool enclose that a homeowner or a business owner wants us to build, can be built professionally and according to exact specifications, on time and within budget. We know how important it is to you, to have a serene and comfortable pool area for yourself, your family and your friends. An enclosure affords a high level of privacy and also keeps way annoying insects, leaves, twigs and unwanted material from entering your pool and your private space. Here at All American Shutters & Glass, we go beyond the call of duty, to ensure, that when we receive an order for one or more of our pool enclosures from Sarasota customers, it is given the immediate attention that it warrants. We are the ideal company to serve you, now that a pool enclosure is on your shopping list!

All American Shutters & Glass assures customers of the type of engineering that exceeds the current Florida Building Codes and sets the highest standard for the industry. Allow All American Shutters & Glass to bring your living and backyard recreation areas together for family fun, relaxation, and health. In addition to adding value and enjoyment to your home, our products help provide a safe environment for your family and friends. Here at All American Shutters & Glass, we provide new enclosures with or without covered roofs, full re-screens, screen repairs and pool enclosures.

Re-screens and Repairs and Pool Enclosures are also available.

The skilled technicians at All American Shutters & Glass are highly-trained to install Screen Enclosures to fit your home’s unique look and style.

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