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Hurricane Protection

Impact Windows

Our Hurricane impact resistant windows and doors meet Florida most stringent code requirements for hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Windows Protection

Non-Impact Windows

Our non-impact windows and doors are designed and manufactured for years of reliable performance and smooth operation. They open and close easily and quietly.

Aluminum Fencing

Custom Window

We offer a variety of glass, tint, and coatings that reduce solar heat gain, and help you better manage your energy costs.

Protect your home

Boca Raton Storm Protection Windows

Our Boca Raton Strom Protection Windows will protect your home or business from even the strongest hurricane winds. All-American Shutters & Glass’s patented design is guaranteed to protect your property from winds exceeding 276 mph. Our screens utilize the latest storm protection technology to give you one of the most effective hurricane protection systems around. When you live in Florida, it is crucial to have some form of hurricane protection on your home. We provide an alternative to shutters that is stronger, easier to maintain and never leaves you in the dark.

Our Boca Raton Storm Protection Windows was developed using the latest storm protection technology available in the market, today. Unlike most shutters and shutter alternatives, our screens are completely transparent and won’t leave you relying on candle-light even during the day. You will have more visibility and feel more at ease being able to look out your windows and see what’s really going on outside. We serve both residential and commercial locations, so no matter where you need full-proof hurricane protection, we will be able to install our screen without a problem.

Our Boca Raton Storm Protection Windows requires less maintenance than regular shutters. Instead of always having to take them and off, before and after a storm, you can keep our screens on year-round. Because they are transparent, they will never hinder visibility and can stay on to protect your home from any unexpected storms. Our services extend to both commercial and residential locations, so we can take make sure all the places that matter to you most are always protected. Feel free to contact us and we will have one of our knowledgeable representatives answer all of your questions.

All American Shutters & Glass is one of South Florida's premier storm protection companies. It is our goal to provide the most secure protection, at the most affordable prices! We manufacture, install and service Florida building code and local County approved hurricane shutters and windows for storm protection. Contact us! We will send out one of our professional sales team members, to show you options that fit your needs and are within your budget.


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