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Our Fort Myers impact windows comply with the state of Florida's strictest code requirements for hurricane winds and flying debris. Fort Myers storm windows are tested in order to be sure that they will withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris and still remain intact. If you live in Fort Myers, hurricane windows and Fort Myers hurricane shutters are clearly a necessity.

In hurricane winds, the glass on your windows could become cracked. However, Fort Myers hurricane windows are built to hold together in the frame even during a hurricane. That's because the durable interlayer holds the window together and firmly in place. Also the heavy-duty vinyl frame helps withstand the hurricane winds and hold the window in place. Impact windows combined with Fort Myers storm shutters are a great combination for protecting your home in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Our Fort Myers storm windows and Fort Myers shutters provide you with hurricane, storm, and theft protection. The same durable interlayer that holds your windows together during a hurricane, also helps prevent break-ins. Fort Myers impact windows not only keep your home safe during a hurricane or tropical storm, they also keep your home sage from burglars attempting to break in to your home by breaking a window.

Fort Myers Hurricane Shutters

If you are a Fort Myers homeowner, considering Fort Myers hurricane shutters chances are, you are concerned about hurricanes. Hurricane force winds come through Florida yearly and are capable of damaging your home and your windows. Consider replacing your shutters and windows with Fort Myers hurricane shutters and Fort Myers hurricane windows.

Fort Myers shutters can be panel shutters which are generally made of either steel, clear plastic or aluminum. Fort Myers hurricane panels attach to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks and are corrugated. It's a good idea to combine both Fort Myers storm shutters and Fort Myers storm windows for maximum hurricane protection.

Accordion style Fort Myers storm shutters are folded into an accordion shape when not in use. Accordion style hurricane shutters unfold, covering your windows and doors to protect your home during a storm or hurricane. Some models of accordion style Florida hurricane shutters have a key lock and can for security purposes to keep your home safe from break ins. Bahama hurricane shutters are permanently affixed to your home and provide both hurricane and heat protection. Because Bahama shutters are a louvered one piece shutter that attaches above the windows, they provide shade as well as hurricane protection. Both Fort Myers impact windows and Fort Myers hurricane shutters are a necessity for Florida residents.


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